Dell Latitude E7270 Mobile Thin Client Aan De Slag Manual Dutch

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Download Dell Latitude E7270 Mobile Thin Client Aan De Slag Manual Dutch

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Dell Latitude E7270 Wyse TC - Page 1

Latitude 12 7000 Series Wyse Mobile Thin Client Dell Latitude E7270 Wyse TC Quick Start Guide Snelstartgids 1 Connect the power adapter Sluit de netadapter aan 2 Turn on your thin computer Zet uw thin computer aan Product support and manuals Productondersteuning en handleidingen Contact Dell Contact opnemen met Dell Regulatory and safety Regelgeving en veiligheid Regulatory model Beschreven model P26S Regulatory type Beschreven type P26S001 Client device model Model clientapparaat Dell Latitude..

Kenmerken - Page 2

Features Kenmerken 1. Network port 2. HDMI port 3. DisplayPort 4. Microphones (only in touch screen) 5. Camera 6. Camera-status light 7. USB 3.0 ports (2) 8. Power port 9. Microphones (only in non-touch screen) 10. Power button (no LED indicator) 11. SIM card slot (optional) 12. USB 3.0 connector with PowerShare 13. Memory card reader 14. Headset port 15. Contactless smart-card reader (optional) 16. Fingerpint reader (optional) 17. Battery-status light 18. Hard-drive activity light 19. Power-status light 20. Speakers 21. Touchpad 22. Smart card reader (optional) 23. Security-cable slot 24. ..

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