Dell Inspiron 14z (n411z, Late 2011) User Manual Slovenian

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Download Dell Inspiron 14z (n411z, Late 2011) User Manual Slovenian

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N411z Quick Start Brzi početak | Hitri začetek عيرسلا ءدبلا ±²ل³ Uniquely Dell | 2011 - 05 Printed in China Connect the network cable (optional) Prikljčite mrežni kabel (izborno) | Priključite omrežni kabel (dodatna možnost) )´µ¶²تخا( ةكبشلا ±·¶¸ ±²صو¹ Locate the service tag Locirajte servisnu oznaku | Poiščite servisno številko ةن¶²ºلا مقµ عقو» ³دح Información para NOM o Norma Oficial Mexicana (solo para México) La información que se proporciona a continuación aparecerá en el disposit..

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Features 1. Network connector 2. Power button 3. Mini DisplayPort connector 4. HDMI connector 5. USB 2.0 connector with PowerShare 6. 3-in-1 Media-Card Reader 7. Power indicator light 8. Hard-drive activity light 9. Battery status light 10. Wireless status light 11. Touch pad buttons (2) 12. Touch pad 13. Keyboard 14. Optical-drive eject button 15. Optical drive 16. Audio-out/Headphone connector 17. USB 3.0 connectors (2) 18. Connector cover 19. Security cable slot 20. Dell Instant Launch button 21. Dell Support Center button 22. Windows Mobility Center button 23. AC adapter connector 24. C..

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