Dell Inspiron 13z (n311z, Mid 2011) Setup Guide Manual arabic

Inspiron 13z (N311z, Mid 2011) Language

Download Dell Inspiron 13z (n311z, Mid 2011) Setup Guide Manual arabic

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Quick Start Panduan Cepat | عيرسلا ±²غشتلا ءدب Uniquely Dell | Printed in China Connect the network cable (optional) Sambungkan kabel jaringan (opsional) | )³´µ²تخا( ةك¶شلا ±¶· ±²صوتب مق Locate the service tag Temukan tag servis | ة¸د¹لا ة¸°º عقو¸ »دح Información para la NOM o Norma Oficial Mexicana (Solo para México) La siguiente información afecta a los dispositivos descritos en este documento de acuerdo a los requisitos de la Normativa Oficial Mexicana (NOM): Importador: Dell México S.A. de..

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Features Network connector 1. Power button 2. HDMI connector 3. USB 2.0 connector with PowerShare 4. 8-in-1 Media Card Reader 5. Power indicator light 6. Hard-drive activity light 7. Battery status light 8. Wireless status light 9. Touch pad buttons (2) 10. Touch pad 11. Keyboard 12. Connector cover 13. Headphone/Microphone connector 14. USB 3.0 connectors (2) 15. Security cable slot 16. Dell Instant Launch button 17. Dell Support Center button 18. Windows Mobility Center button 19. AC adapter connector 20. Camera indicator light 21. Camera 22. Microphone 23. Display 24. Fitur Konektor jari..

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