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EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 1

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Front View Video RAM Rear Panel and Left Side security keyboard or mouse port Cache Clock/calendar Controllers Video Diskette drive Hard disk PC Card Notebook Specifications CPU and Memory CPU 5x86 QFP CPU on L2 cache daughterboard; CPU includes 16KB of write-back unified data and instruction cache and integrated math coprocessor System speed Fast and slow speed selectable in Setup Memory 8MB RAM soldered on the system board; expandable up to 24MB using a 4, 8, or 16MB memory expansion module. 1MB DRAM supports resolutions up to 640 X 480 in 256 colors on LCD and..

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 2

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Interfaces External VGA Parallel Serial External keyboard/mouse Infrared Speaker Internal; automatically disabled when line-out is used Audio input and Connectors for stereo line-in and line- output out and for monaural microphone Port replicator Connector for optional ActionPort™ Replicator Security Keyboard ActionPoint Touchpad Volume Control Auto-sensing, 15-pin, D-sub, female connector for analog monitor; supports simultaneous display with LCD using Fn F10 hot-key sequence or software command Centronics® compatible; 25-pin, D-sub, female connector; bidirec..

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 3

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Infrared Specifications Power Sources Specification Compatibility COM Operating IrDA TM -compliant COM1 COM2 (default) AC Power Adapters Operating Range Operating Distance Speed 30° radius 3.3 ft (1m) Up to 115.2 Kbps LED Panel con Name Meaning \ ’ , Power Green-Computer is on 9: Flashing green-Very low battery; system is about lo power down c!J Suspend Green-Standby mode; press any key to return to full power Flashing green-Suspend mode; press Suspend/Resume button to return to full power 0 Charge Orange-battery is charging normally Green-battery is fully cha..

1.2 GB user-removable hard disk drive - Page 4

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Major Subassemblies Optional Equipment I 4 MB, 8MB or 16MB snap-in memory expansion module I 1.2 GB user-removable hard disk drive I Additional NiMH batteries I Extra AC adapter or international AC adapter I Adapter for an automobile cigarette lighter I External battery charger I External keyboard I External numeric keypad I PCMCIA Type I, II, and III cards including flash RAM, SRAM, modem, fax/modem, LAN, and hard drive cards I ActionPort Replicator I Portable CD-ROM player I Kensington MicroSaver Security Lock I Carrying cases System Board Components memory mod..

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 5

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series System board components Serial port connector (J2) Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 Carder Detect 4 Data Terminal 7 Request to Send Ready 2 Receive Data 5 Signal Ground 8 Clear to Send 3 Transmit Data 6 Data Set Ready 9 Ring indicator VGA connectorfor an external monitor (J3) Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 Red 6 Ground 11 NC 2 Green 7 Ground 12 NC 3 Blue 4 NC 8 Ground 13 9 NC 14 Horizontal Sync Vertical Sync 5 Ground 10 Ground 15 NC Power converter board connector (22-pin male) (J17’) Connector Pin Assignments Parallel port connector (J1) Pin No. Signal N..

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 6

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series External keyboard/mouse connector (J7) HDD IDE connector (J23) Pin No. Signal Name 1 RESET DRV 2 GND Pin No. Signal Name 21 GND 22 IOWR Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 AUX-DATA 3 GND 5 AUX-CLK 2 NC 4 +5 v 6 NC Microphone connector (J8) 3 IDE D7 23 GND 4 GND 24 IORD Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 AGND 3 BMIC 5 MICIN 5 SD8 25 GND 6 SD6 26 IOCHRDY 2 MICIN 4 BMIC + I lrDA connector (J15) 7 SD9 27 IRQ14 8 SD5 28 IOCS16 Pin No. Signal Pin No. Signal 1 TRIS 12 GND 2 GND 13 DSR2 3 PTS2 14 VCC5 4 VCC5 15 SPK 5 DCD2 16 MIC 6 SOUT2 17 SPK 7 DTR2 18 GND 17 SD14 37 VCC..

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 7

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series 10/21/95 AN900-8


EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 8

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Main board connector to power converter (J17) Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 GND 7 DOCKON 13 VCC5 19 ADPR 2 GND 3 GND 8 SUSHDD 14 VCC5 20 DOCK PR 9 CLKOFF 15 VCC3 21 DOCK PR 4 GND 10 DOCKPLG 16 12V 22 DCCK PR 5 SWON 11 ADPTR 17 VCC3 6 GND 12 VCC5 18 CHAR ID Touchpad connector (J19) Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 TBDIS 5 MCLK 9 TBDIS 13 MCLK 2 Z8PO0 6 NC 10 Z8PO0 14 NC 3 Z8PO1 7 GND 11 Z8PO1 15 GND 4 VCC5 8 MDATA 12 VCC5 18 MDATA Internal keyboard connector (J20) Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 P37 4 P34 7 Z8PO1 10 P31 2..

Port Replicator connector (J6) (continued) - Page 9

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Port Replicator connector (J6) (continued) Hardware Interrupts CPU Configuration Information Switch S1 CPU Type Cyrix 5x86 QFP daughterboard Cyrix 5x86 PGA S2 Speed (Motherboard speed) DC board voltage (on DC board) 1, ON 2, OFF 3, OFF 4, ON 1, ON 2, ON 3, OFF 4, ON left center right left center right Description settings for 5x86 QFP settings for 5x86 PGA 40MHz 33MHz 25MHz 4V 3.45V 3.3V System Memory Map 00000H 0A0000H 0C0000H 0D0000H 0E0000H 0EA000H 0F0000H 100000H FFE000H FFFFFFH 640KB base memory 128KB reserved for graphics display area Reserved Reserved 48KB..

Using Low Battery Save to HDD and Instant On - Page 10

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series System I/O Address Map Installation/Support Tips Hexadecimal Address 000-01F Device DMA Controller 1 020-03F interrupt Controller 040-05F 060-06F 070-07F Timer/Counter Keyboard Controller RTC NMI 080-09F DMA Page Register Interrupt Controller 2 DMA Controller 2 Clear Math Coprocessor Busy Reset Math Coprocessor Math Coprocessor Available Hard Disk Drive 0A0-0BF 0C0-0DF 0F0 0F1 I 0F8-0FF 100-1EF 1F0-1F8 200-207 Game Port 208-277 Sound Card 278-27F Parallel Port 2 2F6-2FF 300-31 F 360-36F 378-37F Serial Port 2 Prototype Card Reserved Parallel Port 1 380-38F SDLC Bi..

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 11

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Information Reference List Engineering Change Notices None Technical Information Bulletins None Product Support Bulletins None Related Documentation 400521900 EPSON ActionNote 900 Series User’s Guide 400526900 About Your Software 400527000 Choosing Your Operating System PL-AN900S EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Parts Price List TM-AN900T EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Service Manual 10/21/95 AN900-12


EPSON ActionNote 900 Series - Page 12

EPSON ActionNote 900 Series AN900-13 10/21/95


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